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TDB Studio

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Minimum Stay: 7 Nights
Property Type: Studio
Property Size: 32 sqms
Can sleep: 2 pax
Number of Bathrooms: 1
Wifi Internet: Yes
Cable TV: Yes
Bedding & Towels: Yes
A Studio with 32 sqm of space and 1 bathroom(s).

The TDB MAD studio is situated in the heart of Ulaanbaatar, within a 5 minute walking distance of the State Department Store, the Parliament and the majority of restaurants, cafes, markets and shopping centre. Its a 10 minute walk to the CBD of Ulaanbaatar.

The studio apartment, despite being small in size has a very spacious and cozy feel where innovative space utilisation has been maximised in order to  make no compromises between comfort, amenities and size. It needed to be completely retrofitted and redesigned to maximise its use and potential. This required our in-house designers and renovation crews to be inventive in what would fit where. Some unusual solutions where arrived at (such as the bed under the elevated kitchen) while we also built up the balcony to add a spacious desk space.

The apartment is comfortably decorated with modern furniture and fittings that include a modern bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, separate bath and shower units. The TDB MAD studio is bright with an extraordinary desk space and large windows. The apartment comes fully furnished and equipped as well as fitted with cable tv and high speed wireless internet.

This property is now available for rent for both short and long term by M.A.D. Please contact us to arrange a visit.

* Please note that the apartment of your choice may not be available for your dates, in which case we will offer you comparable alternatives.
** While best efforts are made to accurately represent the apartments, some items or elements may differ from the time the pictures / videos were taken and the current state and equipment of the property.